Minimalist Vacation Beauty

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Two for one Painkillers in Tortola!

 Talk about your anti-vanity vacations! Consider the absurdity of attempting a normal beauty routine while on a sailboat in the Caribbean for six days. (I know, SUCH a problem!)But let’s face it; any beach-y vacation is about being free of routine. Even the pared down list of products that I planned was superfluous once I attempted application in a tiny “head” while the boat pitched, crested, dipped and swayed. I quickly stripped it down to the absolute basics. In the a.m.:

Face wash  (SkinScript Green Tea Citrus Cleanser)

Exfoliating toner (Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V)

Eye cream (SkinScript Tri Peptide)

Anti-aging self tanner (St Tropez Anti-Aging Gradual Tan) and

Tinted sun block (Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50)

I know, the last two seem ludicrous together, but I wanted to fake the tan I couldn’t get without sun damage.

I also slathered my body with Neutrogena Dry Touch Sun block, SPF 45.

If we weren’t under sail, I added a quick lining with Eyekoe felt tip eye liner, practically un-budgeable, and Burt’s Bees lip shimmer balm to keep my lips moist with a hint of color.

At night, I cleansed as in the a.m. and applied Kiehl’s Night Recovery and the eye cream. Much to my surprise, this satisfied my skin care needs with a minimum of time, effort and product. As the self tanner worked its magic, I could go out at night with my slight glow and no foundation or blush. Pal Stacey who was aboard turned me on to Kevin Aucoin roller eye shadow and a quick slick of muted rose quartz shimmer was the only upgrade I needed to take me from day to night. 75% of what I thought necessary went unused, a real eye opener for a product junkie like me.

With daily temps of 82 degrees, a steady breeze and high humidity, “hair styling” was an oxymoron. I had a Keratin treatment a couple months earlier so I could forego a hair dryer.

After washing and conditioning with Kerastase smoothing series, I sprayed my whole

Must be cocktail hour!

Must be cocktail hour!

head with  their beach wave spray. Then I twisted multiple strands around my head and let them dry for  gentle waves. A headband kept it from being out of control. During the day it was all about a ponytail, French braid or twisted knot, always with a visor or wide brimmed hat for protection, a must for WOCAs*. Remember active sun worship? Remember baby oil and iodine and reflectors? Ancient history. Now it is all about preventing more aging sun damage than we’ve already accumulated from such insanity.

Trish Baily

Trish Baily

An unexpected bonus on our trip was our cook/skipper,Trish Baily, who hails from Tasmania, Australia. An attractive and vital woman of 60+, she has traveled the world on water for most of her life. I was curious as to how SHE maintained her great skin given the rigors of so much exposure to the elements.

“I’m only truly diligent about one thing,” she told me. “Sunscreen.” She favors the same Skinceuticals product I love. And always wears a hat and long sleeves. She has an occasional treatment by her derm and “sporadically” uses Vitamin C serum and Retin A .01%. as well as rose hip oil. At night she favors liquid coconut oil which she finds healing for face, body and even hair. Mainly, she leads an active and healthy lifestyle: swimming, snorkeling and Pilates for exercise and a diet exclusively of whole, fresh foods; lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans and seeds. She includes beef, lamb and chicken sparingly. Fish is off limits for ethical reasons; she believes we are depleting the population. And that’s how she fed us aboard ship. Fresh and delicious! With her passion for the environment and clean diet, Trish is a perfect example of health and vitality as true beauty. As she might say, bloody age be damned!

*Women Of a Certain Age

Original Artwork by Johanna Bohoy

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