Skin Deep, part 2

Day 4

I took a scientific approach and looked closely at my face today in the most magnifying mirror I own. It is covered in little tiny dots, each representing where the skin was pierced by the laser. So each has a scab and they are starting to slough off when I wash or apply cream. Basically a scorched earth look. Not pretty and very uncomfortable today, exacerbated by stupidly drinking red wine, which always results in waking around 3 a.m. with a hot face. I took a Benadryl and applied ice to chill out.



Day 5

As sloughing continues, it is revealing new pink skin beneath. I have to be particularly diligent about protection from the sun so I used the Elta SPF 46 from the doctor and wore a big hat and giant sunglasses, Audrey style, to walk the dog. I’m sure I was the only one to notice the similarity.

Day 6

Today I am looking more like a normal person than a burn victim which I consider progress!

Day 7

Looking better each day but still red, particularly on the right side of my face. Lots of peeling and some swelling visible above my upper lip where he hit the vertical lines pretty hard. My face has the texture of fine grit sand paper, heaviest where he attacked the worst of my sun damage on either side of my jaw line. This is clearly sun damage from being in the car. If you want to make an investment in proactivity, consider getting your car windows tinted for protection.

One week. Feeling human again.

One week. Feeling human again.

Day 8

I’m still sporting what looks like finely ground pepper when magnified but observers say I am looking much better. This is a slow process and two weeks seems a legitimate, and truthful, estimate on his part for sloughing to conclude and results to be visible.

Day 11

I had my follow up visit today with Dr. Schweiger. He is very pleased with results to date as am I. However, I am hoping for more softening of deep lines from scars and on my upper lip as the collagen is stimulated. I am still a little rough and broke out a bit from the occlusive Aquaphor on my chin. Dr. gave me Cortan for redness and Allergan Aczone gel for blemishes. I was given the ok to wear makeup if desired and can resume my normal skin care (Vitamin C & E Ferulic and Retin A) at the beginning of next week. Totally paranoid about sun exposure, I wear huge sun glasses and a hat or large visor when I am outside, no matter the weather, knowing that sun damage has a tendency to recur in the same places with exposure. Next checkup is at one month.

Two Weeks

Not done yet! My face still feels a little “textural”, not really rough. And I am still somewhat reddish which is not noticeable with makeup. The outcome definitely requires time and patience. Here is how I look today:

Glowing new skin. And less lines and scars!

Glowing new skin. And less lines and scars!


I will give you an update at one and six months for full results. At this point, sunspots are gone and lines and scars significantly improved but still visible. The jury, as they say, is still out.


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6 Responses to Skin Deep, part 2

  1. Diane White says:

    Zoe, I love your brave style and humor (red wine evening!) we have probably all been there. I think this is looking like a real success! Keep the updates coming!

  2. carlatanz says:

    Wow! Are you happy with results? Meeting his team today at 1.

    Carla Tanz M) 646-301-1363 Sent from my iPhone


  3. Adeline says:

    You look wonderful! You have more courage than I, but that is what makes reading your blog so much fun! I love your honesty thank you for taking us on your journey!

  4. Susan Feil says:

    WOW! Brave woman and you look great. Called several times.

  5. Edie says:

    Zoe, from our days at Boyd’s to this! I think the results look really good, and you’re very brave to show pictures at every stage. I hope you get the results you want. Someday we’ll talk about what I’ve done.

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