Controlling the Chaos

My husband places a high priority on organization. His world nearly comes unglued unless he knows where everything is. I, however, am the opposite. Piles of magazines collect, files of blog ideas pile up, lists mount, cabinets are in chaos. It has to get pretty bad before I even stop, notice and rectify.

I had such a THIS MADNESS MUST STOP moment the other day when I opened my luxuriously large, mirrored bathroom cabinet where I keep most of my toiletries. The rest of my makeup is in the one large, shallow drawer that exists in my small vanity. Both were overstuffed, disorganized and frankly, disgusting even to this piglet.

Cabinet before. Really!

Cabinet before. Really!

Drawer before

Drawer before

There were two major benefits from taking on the task of reorganization: one, to be better able to put my hands on what I want immediately and, two, I could get rid of everything that was beyond its “use by” date. Makeup degrades, changes color and can gather bacteria over time. If you are like me, some of the stuff is so old it could be vintage. Ancient makeup is an eye infection or breakout waiting to happen. Here’s a guide as to when it’s time to toss:

Lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner       1 to 2 years

Powder                                                18 months to 2 years

Foundation                                         6 to 8months

Powder blush and bronzer              4 years

Liquid eyeliner and mascara           3 to 6 months

Eye pencil                                            1 to 2 years

Powder eye shadow                           4 years

Nail polish                                           2 years

If you get an eye infection, be sure to toss ALL eye makeup.

If anything smells funny, throw it out.

Tape purchase date on eye liner and mascara tubes.

If a product contains anti -aging benefits, it will break down quicker. (See smell above.)

Wash your makeup brushes with baby shampoo once a week.

Cabinet after!

Cabinet after!

After my major cleanout, I felt productive and organized. I also found things I had been missing and reacquainted myself with the inventory, sort of like shopping your closet.  I threw out all those dried up mini mascaras and put little samples I’ve collected in my travel bag.

Drawer after!

Drawer after!

I arranged similar things (eye and lip liners, mascara and brow gel, makeup brushes ) in round containers. Moisturizers together, likewise eye creams and serums, sunscreens, self tanners, lipsticks, glosses, shadows and blushes, BB cream/foundation and primers, dental needs, all in separate containers or sections on the shelf. Not surprisingly, I found I am truly a product junkie! I had to have an area for backup products I can never run out of and things I haven’t even tried yet. (We all have our cross to bear, even if we’re Jewish.)

What can I say, it’s a start. In a world that has become increasingly chaotic, organization is one way to feel that at least your little piece of it is under control.

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1 Response to Controlling the Chaos

  1. Ginger Lane says:

    You have motivated me. Time to toss and organize! Only problem will be keeping it that way. I didn’t know about washing make up brushes with baby shampoo. Great idea…

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