Give Yourself a Lift

I am a paradox when it comes to new things with extravagant claims: skeptical to the max while being hopeful in the extreme!
This is basically how I approached friend Wendy who represents Nu Skin when she wanted me to experience a demonstration of their Galvanic Spa. The Spa is a small, hand held appliance that uses self adjusting galvanic currents and positive and negative charges that work synergistically with specially formulated products. I had already experienced a professional galvanic treatment earlier this year through Biologique Recherche’s Magic Remodeling Face Machine. The stimulating treatment was costly but it gave me a lifted, refreshed appearance that lasted about 72 hours. (Sort of like Lost Horizons; when the weekend ended I rapidly aged back to my 66 year old self.) In tony Greenwich CT, it has become the go-to pick me up prior to special occasions as well as a regular treatment for those for whom the $300 price tag is no obstacle.
So I was curious to try the DIY version that cost only slightly more and could be used at will. I made a proposal to Wendy: give me the Spa and the associated gels for one month. I would use it as religiously as prescribed and report my findings HONESTLY in my blog. She was happy to do this gratis, but I shelled out $35 for the special Tru Face Line corrector peptide refining gel so I could use the special head for small areas like mouth, eyes and forehead and zero in on my much despised lips lines. Of all the faults I fret over, this single area is the one that makes me feel really over the hill.

Lip lines before

Lip lines before

Twice weekly, as directed, I dutifully used the deep cleansing gel with the spa for two minutes and then the anti aging treatment, which delivers its ingredients deep into the dermis, for three. The Spa emits beeps every 10 seconds to keep you on track so you can cover all areas of your face in the time allotted. A video disc that came with it showed me exactly how to do it. The process was painless but I knew something was happening from the little twinges I felt and a slight metallic taste as I worked around my mouth. The effect was stimulating and energizing and gave me a glow.

Lip lines after 4 weeks

Lip lines after 4 weeks

I used the smaller head and special line gel twice daily for five minutes each time. And after a few weeks, something amazing happened. My husband, who is tolerant but highly suspicious of my facial experiments, commented at dinner one night, “I think that thing is actually working. The lines around your mouth are less noticeable.” Coming from him, it’s practically a ringing endorsement.
So at the end of my experimental one month’s use of the Galvanic Spa, here is what I see:
• My face appears more lifted.
• My jaw is more defined.
• The lines around my mouth have softened.
Now, just as with Botox, fillers, Latisse and lasers, I don’t believe for a second that I have effected lasting change. If you stop using all the above, you will look as you did before. Nothing makes a permanent change except for surgery. But not being ready to go under the knife, nor wishing to spend $10,000+, I am thinking this little gizmo is worth the cost ($375 + continued purchase of gels, $60/mo.). Hell, a few injections at a derm’s office can easily exceed that. So am I willing to commit myself to twice weekly sessions with the Spa and daily dalliance focused on eradicating those nasty lip lines? You betcha!
According to NuSKin, use of the Spa enhances the delivery of any further products you use as well as making any surgery and injectibles last longer.
NuSkin is only available through a network rep. So if you want to enter the world of DIY facial enhancement, contact Wendy Guerrera at:
If you live in my area (Southern Fairfield Co.) Wendy will give you a ½ face demonstration.

For a special Oct. 15, 1 day offer click below.


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  1. akismet-ceecf8ebfc870a14b45586b2fbedd472 says:

    Zoe I can’t even thank you enough! And I love the comment by Richard because I KNOW how he is:)

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  2. stacey mokotoff says:

    I’m intrigued

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