Kick Start, part 2


One of the toughest parts of losing weight is holding onto the loss. It is oh, so easy to slip back into your normal eating pattern and see the pounds creep back on. So this post is dedicated to holding the line on weight gain, in other words, maintaining your loss.

It is frequently said that the 80/20 rule applies to most diets: adhere to the program 80% of the time and allow yourself to go wild 20% of the time. This diet is so specific that I would probably apply a 90/10 rule to book

But I have found it amazingly easy to maintain this eating plan with some diligence. The app for The Fast Metabolism Diet is very helpful. It’ll set you back $2.99 but well worth the cost when you are at the grocery trying to remember what to eat on Phase 1,2 or 3, or at a restaurant where temptation lies everywhere. You can utilize it for menu planning, food lists, water imbibing reminders and more.

The author, Haylie Pomroy offers several suggestions for how to maintain your loss after reaching your goal without blowing the whole enterprise.

  • You can repeat the 28 day diet once a quarter.
  • You can repeat the diet once or twice a year as needed.
  • You can utilize the diet on the first week of every month.
  • You can do Phase 1 on Monday, Phase 2 on Tuesday and Phase 3 the rest of the week. The idea is to keep your metabolism fired up for life!
  • Continue to drink water, ½ your weight in ounces per day.
  • Continue to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Keep appropriate snacks in baggies so you can throw them into your handbag or car.
  • Eat seasonal food.
  • Always eat within 30 minutes of waking to stoke your furnace.
  • Eat fruit before a workout and protein after.
  • Avoid fake food and read labels. “Sugar free” usually means it contains corn syrup or sugar substitute other than Stevia, the only one recommended.
  • Keep avoiding caffeine, gluten, corn, soy, sugar, alcohol and processed food. I know, alcohol is the tough one!
  • Do enjoy holidays but use the plan as a guideline for eating. Thanksgiving can still include turkey, green vegetable, sweet potato and pumpkin pie if you do it right.
  • Choose organic wine or top-shelf (clear) liquors and drink 8 oz. water for every drink.
  • Balance alcohol with animal protein.
  • Continue to exercise at least 3 times a week, rotating fat burning (cardio), muscle building (weight training) and relaxing/healing (yoga, meditation or massage). The more muscle you build, the more fat you will burn, that’s why men lose weight easier than we do. So pump up, even if it’s light food

I admit, I have been charting my own course for meals. But now that I have the hang of it, I plan to try some of the recipes Pomroy includes in her book.

Eating out is, admittedly, a mine field so prepare yourself mentally before you go. Scope the menu on line and make your choices ahead of time to fit the phase you are in.  In an effort to stay on the straight and narrow, I have even surreptitiously snuck a piece of sprouted bread into a restaurant and once a tiny container of quinoa that I slipped onto my plate with my protein. I have no shame!

When everyone is having drinks, have a seltzer with fresh lime along side that glass of cabernet. Finish dinner with a cup of green tea or decaf coffee to make sure you feel satiated while others are eating dessert (but do allow yourself one taste!)

Be strategic before a big party or event. Eat protein every two hours all day and include veggies as on Phase 2. This helps to stabilize your blood sugar so the potential onslaught of alcohol and sugars won’t sabotage you. It will also assure that you won’t arrive hungry and binge as well as induce fat burning to offset your intake. This is not punishment. You should enjoy yourself.

Finally, I have stopped thinking of The Fast Metabolism Diet as a “diet” and adopted the principles as an eating plan I can live with. My reward is in the mirror as well as on the scale.

If you have been fighting your dwindling metabolism like I have, give it a try and if you do, share your experience. I would love to know if this is the key to your weight loss success.

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