From my teens to my forties, my oily skin was an issue. My T-zone was constantly pumping and I never left home without sopping it up with toner and stowing blotting papers to stem the tide while away. Every product I used had to be “oil free”. And then something happened; it was called MENOPAUSE and it was a game changer.

As my hormones took off for parts unknown, two positive things happened: I no longer had to shave my legs and underarms and the oil surplus became an oil shortage. Over the years I have gone from “oily” to “combination” verging on “dry” particularly in winter. Can’t say enough about the challenges of winter 2015! Between the bitter cold and biting wind, my skin has been sapped of moisture, flaking to the point where I am now, shockingly, apply oil to my newly parched skin!

As luck would have it, the skincare industry is having its own little oil glut with oils being the “IT” ingredient of the moment. Every brand is touting the benefits, moisture and glow to be had by using its oil infused products. Kudos to Josie Maran whose argan oil- rich line beat the market trend by years and is one of the best.oils

Here are a few others that I have gotten to know and love:

Origins Clean Energy gentle cleansing oil

I started using this post-laser peel when my skin was ultra-sensitive and it has been a life safer in this frosty weather, gentling emulsifying makeup and leaving me with clean, soft skin.

L’Occitane Shower Oil with almond

Since I discovered it last winter, I will never be without it. Itchy winter body skin? G-o-n-e after using this gem with its yummy scent and gentle lather. I now buy the big refill bag which keeps costs down.

Boots Botanics 100% organic facial oil

A mixture of argan, almond, rose hip and more, Dr Jessica Wu recommends adding a couple of drops to your moisturizer for extra richness. I sometimes rub a couple drops between my fingers and press gently into the skin to soothe my savaged dermis after a wintry blast. I also discovered…

Aura Cacia Rosehip Oil with Vitamin E which is a gentler version of retinol and far more soothing on my sensitive neck than Retin-A. Walgreens and Target carry Boots and Whole Foods, Fairway or the like have rose hip oil.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

With evening primrose, lavender and squalane, this is a soothing and hydrating night serum. I like to alternate it with Retin-A.

L’oreal Sublime Sun Suncreen Oil spf 30

I picked this up last summer and added it to my sun protection arsenal. A non-sticky, non-greasy oil, it gives moist protection with a little healthy sheen and no obnoxious scent.

Vea Olio

This a little cult product that I read about awhile ago and recently found online. It is THE oil used in photo shoots to produce gleam-y limbs. Hey, if it’s good enough for the swim suit models, it’s good enough for my bone dry arms and legs, just about to make their winter debut in California. Perfect on the collar bone and exposed shoulders too for an evening out.

Kerastase Oleo-Relax Anti Frizz

My step-grandaughter, Micaela, she of the glorious mane, turned me onto this. While she has mountains of hair, mine is thin and fine so I have to use restraint. But just a drop  rubbed between the fingers and run through the lengths and ends of my hair produce piece-y, shining strands.

Bumble and Bumble UV Protective Polish

Another light, finishing oil, this is geared to preserving and polishing color treated hair.

Coconut Oil

Although originally used for cooking, it has recently become the star of the oil world, purportedly curing all ills on all body parts including whitening teeth. You have to REALLY like the smell of coconut, but it is pretty much one stop shopping if you want one product that can cover a multitude of tasks. Cheap thrills, indeed!

Some of those listed by Pop Sugar:

Makeup remover

Breath freshener (seriously, you have to gargle with it for 20 minutes. I don’t think I could even gargle Champagne for 20 minutes!)

Body cream

Cuticle oil

Lip balm

Stretch mark remover

Shave cream

Body oil

Deep conditioner

Tame hair frizz

And my favorite, Body Exfoliant.

Mix ½ cup coconut oil with a handful of Kosher salt or sugar to rid yourself of flaky, dead skin while leaving moisture behind.

Coconut oil traditionally came solid in a jar but now with all the hoopla, you can buy it in liquid form too.

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1 Response to Oil WELL

  1. johanna says:

    I share your experience with former oily skin to oil shortage [or lifeless skin]. One oil product I couldn’t be without is DCH olive oil cleanser. Got a sample in the mail and had to have it. They also have a virgin olive oil moisturizer.

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