Faking It

After barely surviving the endless snow, brutal cold and icerink like streets wrought by February, I was more than ready for some well earned R&R in warmer climes. We planned several snowles, sunny days in Arizona before taking residence in a beach cottage in gorgeous Santa Barbara, the “American Riviera”, a moniker that is no exaggeration.

But a mostly idle month recuperating from surgery had left my normally fair skin with a pasty pallor. Not just my face; my limbs were blindingly white too. The last thing I wanted was to sport that light deprived skin in the land of bronze and vigorous. I needed a vacation prep  strategy. What to do?

Fake it.

With the help of a few products at the ready, I gave myself a couple pre-flight days to approximate a more robust appearance.
First up, a daily post shower application from head to toe of St.Tropez self tanning oil. An indulgent dry oil, it leaves a streak free golden glow that lasts a week or longer. After a few days of diligent coverage, I had eradicated the winter pale color of my arms, legs and chest. Then I simply re-apply every few days to maintain my color. I also found that if I applied a bit to my face before makeup, it acted as a golden, illuminating primer.

Sun screen is a must, so I am using my favorite discovery of last summer, Australian Gold Sheer Coverage 45 with instant bronzer. Though hard to find (I have to find itonline), it is worth the effort, not only giving me high SPF protection, but an instant and gradually building self tanning action.

Because it takes a LOT of product to transform me from pale face to golden girl, I literally gild the lily with a daily dose of Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster. Just 3 drops of this genius product mixed with my night cream or moisturizer keeps me glowing.

I also brought along my Dermalogica Color Corrector. A little squirt of this baby in my light -as -air Maybelline Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation, and I can match the minimal but all important coverage to my bronzier self.

Lastly, I use my Nars dual blush/bronzer in Orgasm and Laguna to bring color and contour to my cheekbones. A slick of peachy lip color, a touch of gloss and VOILA! It’s time to glow.

* On vacation, I am having photo upload issues. My apologies for lack of picture content.

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