Mixing It Up

I was  all thumbs in high school chemistry, but when it comes to blending ingredients in my bathroom, I’m rather brilliant. Since summer snuck up on me while moving, it is time to fine tune my summer mixtures, all designed to give me the kind of glow I can only get the “better living through chemistry ”way.

I am normally pale, pallid, freckley; the polar opposite of the bronze, healthy look I covet. But I have learned to fake it with various products which I am only too happy to share with you.

Summer mixers

Summer mixers

Last year’s Eureka moment was the discovery of Clarins Golden Glow Booster. Just 3 drops mixed with your moisturizer, serum or sunblock turns it into a subtle self tanner. But we’re just getting started!

Australian Gold Sheer Coverage 45 Faces sunscreen does all the mixing for me, combining a robust, water resistant SPF 45 with instant bronzing and gradual self tanner. But why let my face have all the fun? I am now slathering it on my arms and legs before I hop in the convertible.

Everyone knows that white legs are the anathema of a sexy summer look so I have to dedicate more attention to my glaringly white limbs.  St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil is great for legs but I found it too strong on color and too difficult to control a streak less application. Then I hit on mixing it with a body lotion and voila!, it worked like a dream. Just shake well to mix (being careful where you do this, the stuff stains) and add some to your cream or lotion mixing well. I keep empty sample jars for just this purpose.

Recently, I succumbed to a TV come- on from Jane Seymour and Dorothy Hamill for Crepe Erase, which they touted for its ability to firm up lax, crepey skin on arms and knees, the bane of the after 50 woman. After using up the tub I cannot say my skin has regained its former elasticity (I wish!) but I have to admit, it looks more moisturized and smoother. So it became my conduit for combining firming and self tanning. But anything will do.

My Armani's

My Armani’s

I am a huge fan of anything in the Armani cosmetic line. Since falling for the Maestro featherweight liquid foundation, I have added the Maestro Fusion Blush . A single drop dotted on cheeks and melted into skin with a damp makeup sponge or brush yields an easy to blend, believable and lasting flush. Now that classy Italian has added Maestro Liquid Summer to his arsenal. It comes in 3 shades and a dropper bottle like the others. Although you can use it “straight” as a bronzer, I love to add to either my liquid base, BB cream or sunscreen, turning any and all into a glow-y version of itself. No need to purchase foundations in various colors anymore when you can create your own bespoke version. And don’t stop at your chin! Continue your glow onto your neck and décolleté for  seamless, authentic color.

The latest entry in this market of chameleons is Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. The weightless and highly pigmented drops instantly infuse any water, oil or silicone based liquid product with sheer color. The more drops, the more coverage. With 24 shades, one is sure to duplicate YOU! It’s on my “lust list.”

My last mixer is Paula Dorf Transformer. I’ve used this for years to transform any eye shadow to a liquid liner. A teensy drop blended into shadow and applied with a skinny liner brush gives you custom color that lasts through blood, sweat and tears.

For summer when of less is most definitely more, a swipe of colored liner, a flick of mascara, sheer bronzy skin and soft peachy, pink or coral lip gloss will take you anywhere you need to go.

*A special shout out to my friend Susie Kane who finally taught me how to provide links to the products I mention. Hey, I’m old, it took awhile!

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3 Responses to Mixing It Up

  1. Adeline says:

    I love all your tips! I’m heading out to the store to explore. Merci!!

  2. elaine weiss says:

    Hi Zoe, I’m glad to see that you are back and blogging better than ever. I responded to your last piece, but maybe you didn’t get it, Hope all is going well. It sounds like you have everything under control. A few falls or back problems is just what you needed to get you back in stride. Go go go. xox e.

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