Red Carpet Ready

Ok, maybe not the REAL red carpet, but I am prepping for a big event: the summer wedding of dear friends in a swanky venue. I have to look my best and have less than a week to pull it together! That means body buff, skin glowing, nails immaculate and hair frizz-less.

I have to admit, although I am usually pretty disciplined, I have been off the rails since July 4th, indulging myself in 3 no-nos: alcohol, cheese and sugar. We were entertained by new friends here and it would be rude NOT to drink their wine and nibble their cheese, right? And I offered to bring dessert which was a “from scratch” key lime pie. It was my first ever so I had no idea that it was loaded with sweetened condensed milk, maybe the most caloric-ly dense, sugary food on the planet! But hey, it was great, I enjoyed every toothsome bite, and now I have to pay the price. Since I will be wearing two close fitting frocks this weekend, drastic measures are called for.


Starting the day with lemon water

Starting the day with lemon water

I started last night by skipping dinner and substituting a protein shake, shocking my body into training mode. Now I plan to adhere to my Fast Metabolism Diet which has worked wonderfully and fast, when I follow it. No gluten, no sugar, plenty of fresh veggies and fruit and lean protein with a little quinoa and brown rice thrown in for filler (see previous post that outlines diet). I am starting each day with lemon water; ½ lemon squeezed into warm, not scalding water. The benefits:

  • Daily detox and flushing of toxins
  • Stimulates digestive tract
  • Pectin, a soluble fiber in lemon, aids weight loss
  • Eases bloat and tummy upset
  • Diuretic action
  • Energizing and mood enhancing
  • I’ll be swigging water and green tea throughout each day.

From there, it’s eating the right stuff at the right time, meaning every 3 hours to goose my metabolism. At the same time, I am doing daily cardio, Pilates once this week, and free weights for my arms every other day. I’m going sleeveless or I’m not going at all!


Dr. Dennis Gross 14 day Challenge

Dr. Dennis Gross 14 day Challenge

Planning ahead, I purchased Dr. Dennis Gross’ 14 Day Challenge, a 2 week, nightly alpha beta peel with a ferulic acid and retinol chaser for the face. Only 3 days left and my skin is looking and feeling great. On order: Gross’ Medi Spa peel, a stronger, once weekly version to maintain my results. I’ve been exfoliating my body daily and applying self tanner after with religious fervor. Since I start from a place of blinding whiteness, I don’t exactly have the JLo glow, but I do have color from head to toe which looks natural and healthy. I will be packing the new Jergens BB Body Cream to maximize my efforts through the weekend.


Since I had a cut and color 3 weeks ago, my too dark color has now sun- lightened to an acceptable copper shade. I’ll be lugging my usual glut of hair products to cover shine, frizz removal and volume. Believe me, with my thin, fine, prone to frizz hair, it takes a village! Not to mention a strong hair dryer (I always bring my own) and a flat iron. In case of extreme humidity or, God forbid, rain, I will be prepared to whip it into a top knot, sprayed to the max.


With all the unpacking and household chores, it’s tough to keep them lacquered. So I am filing my nails super short and will do a DIY the day before we leave. I’m thinking Find Me An Oasis, a pale blue on my fingers, and Trophy Wife, a deep, metallic blue on my toes to go with my navy lace dress. Gotta love it for the name alone! (Both by Essie.)


Special bra essential!

Special bra essential!

It’s critical to try on your event dress prior to packing to make sure you have the right stuff to cover your ass(ets) and be comfortable. That means the appropriate Spanx for the outfit so there are no lines, no bulges, no muffin top. I purchased the high top version. And since my dress features a cut out back, that means a strapless, backless stick- on bra with extra double stick tape to make sure it’s going nowhere. Be prepared!, the only thing I remember from Girl Scouts.


I swear, it sometimes takes me as long to pack my makeup and skincare as it does my clothes! But I don’t want to arrive without the right shadow or custom mixed base color (see last week’s post). With heat and humidity guaranteed at the ocean front venue, I will be going very light in texture with my base, shadow and blush. Nothing worse than having your maquillage melting off your face (think “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”). Blotting papers are a must in the evening clutch and gloss trumps heavy lip color bleeding into my lip lines.So although I don’t have “glam team”, facialist and personal trainer like the stars do before hitting the kleig lights, my version has gotten me through many an event. And once I’m dressed, coiffed, cosmetically enhanced and aglow, I have a glass of champagne, hold in my stomach, and smile for the cameras.




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3 Responses to Red Carpet Ready

  1. Diane White says:

    I love this post! Great tips, you go girl!!!

  2. Cathy Bassett says:

    Who’s wedding Zoe? And where is it being held? Cathy

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