About Zoe

Me with Barnaby, my Tibetan Terrier

Me with Barnaby, my Tibetan Terrier

Beyond 50?Way. I’m in my 60’s and still love to play with makeup, experiment with skin care, and challenge my changing body with diet and exercise. Since I am often asked for advice, and I love to write, this blog is my avenue to share my experiences and discoveries in personal renovation as I trudge toward even older age. What works and what doesn’t, in a nutshell.

Writing has been in my blood since college (Univ. of Illinois) where I received a BS (never a more appropriate degree!) in Communications. Fulfilling my wildest dreams, I became a Mademoiselle Guest Editor after graduation, later moving to Houston TX where I pursued a career in Public Relations with the Houston Ballet and freelance writing. After marrying, having two boys and moving East, I became a realtor in suburban Philadelphia and subsequently, in Santa Fe NM. Recently, I moved to CT with hubby #2 and retired from the world of real estate after 25 grueling years of 24/7. Now, I finally have the time to write as well as devote myself to self improvement, as it turns out, a full time job.

6 Responses to About Zoe

  1. Johanna says:

    Looking good so far Zoe!

  2. Ginger Lane says:

    Hi Zoe..Thanks for including me on your list of readers. I look forward to your posts and hope my limited tech skills will enable me to follow you.

  3. Lynn Bernstein says:

    I have no idea if you are receiving this via e-mail/Facebook/Twitter/Linked In or whatever?? Great blog. Fun to read. I can follow all of your suggestions except the wine part. If I give up my glass of wine (or two) each night, I will definitely whine. And that would not be a pretty sight.

    No carbs, protein daily, fresh veggies and some fruits all works for me. However, at this advanced stage of my life, wine is in. Keeps me sober. Lots of Love and success with your new venture. Love, Lynn

  4. Cindy Buffkin, editor says:

    Hello Zoe … I love your blog, and would like to run it as a column in our newspaper, Golden Life, a publication for seniors and retirees. We’ve published once a month in Florence, SC. for the past 20 years. Email your address, and I will send you a copy.

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