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Red Carpet Ready

Ok, maybe not the REAL red carpet, but I am prepping for a big event: the summer wedding of dear friends in a swanky venue. I have to look my best and have less than a week to pull it … Continue reading

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Kick Start Your Metabolism

It’s over. The Christmas cookies, the candy and cake, the rich meals, the freely flowing booze, the confetti, the sheer indulgence of the holidays. Now it’s January, our annual diet month when the tighter the jeans, the stronger our motivation. … Continue reading

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How Sweet It Is!

It has not escaped my attention that sugar and the many substitutes for it, has been under recent, if not constant, attack. In one week, I absorbed an article warning of the dangers of artificial sweeteners, a discussion of the … Continue reading

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Life Support

Last December, I met my irreplaceable friend J. in New York for a few days of drink, debauchery, gluttony, shopping, an over dose of museums and constant conversation to celebrate a BIG birthday. On the last morning, we repaired to … Continue reading

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When Aging is (Literally) Painful

So I was la-de-da-ing my way through my early 50’s when one day the index finger on my right hand started to redden, hurt and swell. I didn’t need a brilliant diagnostician to tell me: I had osteoarthritis. Eventually the … Continue reading

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Waist Not

With menopause, we stop menstruating. Whoopee, no more periods! Instead, we get hot flashes, mood swings, bone loss, lagging libido, sagging skin, loss of sleep and weight gain. What a trade off! At 66, I’ve been there, done that. But … Continue reading

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Minimalist Vacation Beauty

 Talk about your anti-vanity vacations! Consider the absurdity of attempting a normal beauty routine while on a sailboat in the Caribbean for six days. (I know, SUCH a problem!)But let’s face it; any beach-y vacation is about being free of … Continue reading

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Blast (it) Off

We might as well declare January National Weight Loss Month! After the transgressions, excesses and guilt of the holiday season (cheesy hors d’oeuvres, potatoes and stuffing, sugar in every form and alcohol at every turn), January is when we once … Continue reading

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My manifesto

The Gist Do the words “Anti-Aging” instantly grab your attention? Does the phrase “lifting and firming” make your heart beat faster? Do photos of taut tummies have you reaching for the Prozac? If so, welcome to MY world! As a woman past … Continue reading

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