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When Life Intervenes after 50

I know, dear readers, that I have been M.I.A. for awhile. What happened to Zoe?, you may ask. The answer is LIFE intervened. After having spinal surgery in January, I needed a second surgery in late March to revise an … Continue reading

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A Girl, A Gown and a Goal

Since I was a little girl, I have always swooned over dresses. Probably the first was the sweepingly glamorous satin gown Deborah Kerr wore in The King and I. It draped off her shoulders, hugged her waist and as she … Continue reading

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Skin Deep

Nothing has quite the impact on overall beauty as good skin. I was never blessed with this and am now paying the price (literally!) As a young teen I constantly battled acne. It followed me to college and into adulthood. Even … Continue reading

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Grin and Bare It

Lately beauty e-news, fashion magazines, Twitter, Instagram and even the NY Times are all making a big deal out of the new trend of going make up free. In these pieces, always accompanied by photos of young and gorgeous celebs or models who have dared … Continue reading

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My manifesto

The Gist Do the words “Anti-Aging” instantly grab your attention? Does the phrase “lifting and firming” make your heart beat faster? Do photos of taut tummies have you reaching for the Prozac? If so, welcome to MY world! As a woman past … Continue reading

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