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Skin Deep

Nothing has quite the impact on overall beauty as good skin. I was never blessed with this and am now paying the price (literally!) As a young teen I constantly battled acne. It followed me to college and into adulthood. Even … Continue reading

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Grin and Bare It

Lately beauty e-news, fashion magazines, Twitter, Instagram and even the NY Times are all making a big deal out of the new trend of going make up free. In these pieces, always accompanied by photos of young and gorgeous celebs or models who have dared … Continue reading

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Nailing it Over 50

Like your hair, skin and body, aging impacts your nails too. They are greatly affected by internal changes as well as dietary ones. Rate of growth slows over time and nails may become more brittle and prone to breakage from … Continue reading

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BB Be My Baby

Being a multi- tasker (politically correct term for ADD), I am always doing several things at once and looking for products that do the same. Why apply 3 creams when you can make do with one? So it was that I … Continue reading

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An Ode to Sephora

Having always loved scouting the cosmetics counters at department stores and roaming the beauty aisles at the drug store, I was not quite prepared for the euphoria I would experience when I first discovered Sephora. Long before it proliferated to … Continue reading

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Luxe or Less?

Steal/deal. Pricey/Affordable. Must/Lust. However you express it, for every outrageously expensive product, there is a less costly counterpart that comes close to mimicking it. If money is no object, you may always go for the higher end, assuming a cost/effectiveness … Continue reading

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Resurface me!

 For years I have studied my skin in the unforgiving 8X magnifying mirror and dreamed of eliminating all the flaws. So when I read a magazine editor’s account of doing just that with a doctor who was my son’s boyhood … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’

For several months I have been looking forward to my annual California vacation as a respite from the unending snow and bone chilling cold of winter. Ah, grass, trees, flowers, warm sun! Maybe I’ll just stay til all the slush … Continue reading

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Minimalist Vacation Beauty

 Talk about your anti-vanity vacations! Consider the absurdity of attempting a normal beauty routine while on a sailboat in the Caribbean for six days. (I know, SUCH a problem!)But let’s face it; any beach-y vacation is about being free of … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Body Care

BBRRRR! A high of 16 today and a biting wind. My face feels dry and drawn and my limbs look positively reptilian. After 50, our estrogen loss results in dry and crepey skin from top to bottom. And winter’s cold combined with the … Continue reading

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