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Dance, Ballerina, Dance

We all receive a lot of useless, time wasting email enticements, but occasionally something piques my interest and I go for it. A couple weeks ago, it was the draw of finding out what was the #1 song on the charts the … Continue reading

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Deja Vu All Over Again

Dear Readers, As luck would have it, my California Idyll was interrupted by a recurrence of nerve pain which came back with a vengeance. Unable to walk, I was forced to return home early, and an MRI revealed I needed … Continue reading

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Life’s a Beach!

I’m almost two weeks into my vacation in blissful Santa Barbara which seems a planet away from the Siberian-esque winter we have been weathering in New England. Each day, as I walk along the ocean, I witness people running, walking, … Continue reading

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From my teens to my forties, my oily skin was an issue. My T-zone was constantly pumping and I never left home without sopping it up with toner and stowing blotting papers to stem the tide while away. Every product … Continue reading

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It is Better to Look Good than to Feel Good!

Thank you, Billy Crystal, for that immortal line! And how often I have used it. Never more than this past month, fresh from spinal surgery, but pumped full of pain killers, when I posted a photo on Facebook. “You look … Continue reading

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Beauty Promotion (Finally) Comes of Age

For years I’ve scoffed at the idiocy of using 20-something models to promote anti-aging products. The whole thing smacks of oxymoron-ism, if there is such a word. But lately something has happened to the glossy magazine ads and TV commercials. … Continue reading

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Kick Start, part 2

  One of the toughest parts of losing weight is holding onto the loss. It is oh, so easy to slip back into your normal eating pattern and see the pounds creep back on. So this post is dedicated to … Continue reading

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Kick Start Your Metabolism

It’s over. The Christmas cookies, the candy and cake, the rich meals, the freely flowing booze, the confetti, the sheer indulgence of the holidays. Now it’s January, our annual diet month when the tighter the jeans, the stronger our motivation. … Continue reading

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That Was the Year That Was

I always get reflective as the year draws to a close, reminiscing about the good, the bad and the ugly as I pass another 365 days of a life that has entered it last act. There was enjoyment and productivity … Continue reading

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When You’re Hot, You’re Hot!

Rare, and lucky, is the woman who cruises through perimenopause and The BIG M without a hot flash, that annoying, humiliating, sleep disturbing phenomenon. I was not one of them. I went through menopause at the age of 52 and … Continue reading

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