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Kick Start Your Metabolism

It’s over. The Christmas cookies, the candy and cake, the rich meals, the freely flowing booze, the confetti, the sheer indulgence of the holidays. Now it’s January, our annual diet month when the tighter the jeans, the stronger our motivation. … Continue reading

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Waist Not

With menopause, we stop menstruating. Whoopee, no more periods! Instead, we get hot flashes, mood swings, bone loss, lagging libido, sagging skin, loss of sleep and weight gain. What a trade off! At 66, I’ve been there, done that. But … Continue reading

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Pump ( but don’t bulk) Me Up!

Who in their right mind would start weight training at 65?? Uh, that would be me, intrepid, obsessive exerciser that I am.  A little free weight work has always been part of my regimen. And I have dabbled in resistance … Continue reading

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